Ringette Community Raffle

NRL Manitoba is planning to coordinate a fundraising attempt for all Ringette organizations in Manitoba through the introduction of an annual community raffle that will generate sufficient revenue for all member programs in the ongoing quest to give all kids an opportunity.

The proposed raffle is “travel/culinary/shopping” themed and would consist of multiple prizes with a retail value in excess of $20,000.

• California Wine Tour for 2
• Two airline tickets anywhere in world that WestJet flies
• Wine for a Year (one case/month)
• $2,000 Shopping Spree
• Winnipeg Restaurant Tour (Dinner for 4 at 4 Winnipeg Restaurants)
• Helicopter Tour of Winnipeg

We are going to do this raffle in a hybrid situation where you can sell books of printed tickets and/or sell via an electronic link to our raffle page that is run by a Lotteries & Gaming Authority approved vendor. We cannot do this raffle without a 1,200 book commitment. About 40 teams need to sign on with interest.

Tickets – 70% of the proceeds remain with your team and 30% are used by NRL Manitoba to pay for the prizes, license fees, reporting and admin costs. If there is money remaining it helps offset the costs of operating the NRL team.
As an example, if your team committs to just 30 books of tickets (30 books x 10 tickets x $10 per ticket), your cost lay out would be 30% or $900 and by selling the 30 books you would collect $3,000 making a $2,100 profit for your team.

Online – 60% of the proceeds remain with your team. You do not have to deal with handing out or keeping track of tickets or cash, everything is online and auditable and managed by a Lotteries approved company called Funding Change. The online provider charges NRL Manitoba 15% in fees for this service and 3% in fees for credit/debit card processing.

Every team that wishes to do the sales online will be provided a link to the raffle page. The link is unique for each team and will attribute sales to your team. All you need do is send this link to players’ and parents’ friends, family, etc via email, text, Facebook, etc.
The team must place a deposit of $600 with NRL Manitoba to get the unique link and once the team sells $1500 worth of tickets this deposit is returned. (This deposit is in place of the 30 books of tickets commitment.)

Both Tickets & Online – if a team takes 30 books of tickets and wants an online link, there is no deposit required for the link.

DEADLINE – you must commit to the raffle by Nov 15th. Sales will begin December and run into April.  There will be early bird draws in January and March and the Grand Prize will be made during CRCs and announced at the Gold Medal NRL game at the CRCs in April.

Contact Rob Walker for more details or to book your tickets/link
text/call 204-955-2647