Gateway Ringette Convenor needed immediately

Gateway Community Club requires a Ringette Convenor. If Gateway does not have a Ringette Convenor, there is a possibility that Gateway Community Centre will refuse to host any ringette teams, and ice may not be provided to any of the River East Ringette teams. As well, they could refuse to give out jerseys and ringette equipment to River East Ringette.

As you can probably tell, it is imperative that we have a Ringette Convenor put into place as soon as possible.

If this position interests you, please contact Danielle Edginton (President).

RERA needs you!

We still have some Vacant positions on our board:

If you’d like to have your say, if you’d like to see changes, if you just love the sport your daughter plays and would like to be more involved, please reach out to our President Danielle Edgington or Vice President Dwayne Lanctot for more information about any vacant position.

See our Contacts Page page for vacant opportunities!

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