If you have any further questions or concerns after reading this guide, please contact your Convenor who can put you in touch with an experienced Team Manager.

See below and also Ringette Manitoba’s requirements.

See WRL site and  WRL Rulebook.

Here’s a link to Ringette Manitoba’s forms page.

Courses and Certification

There are two courses that managers are required to take:

  • Respect in Sport – available through Sport Manitoba
  • Ringette Manager’s Certification Program – available through RingetteCanada

Managers certification program:

Respect in sport:

General Duties


– Discuss with the Coach what tournaments you would like to participate in then enter them immediately or as soon as they are accepting applications. They generally fill up very quickly. Tournament information can be found on the Winnipeg Ringette League website or Manitoba Ringette Association website.

– Opt-Out: Check on the Opt-Out deadline with WRL. The Opt-Out gives you the opportunity to request to not be scheduled for a regular season game for a particular weekend if you have a tournament or event. The first half deadline is usually the beginning of October. The second half Opt-Out Deadline is usually the beginning of December.


– If you are handling the team finances (or some teams have a Treasurer), set up a chequing account.

– Create a budget for your team to determine the dues each player will need to pay. Some considerations for expenses are practice ice, tournament fees, equipment & name bars. Revenue primarily comes from player fees and fundraising.

– RERA will provide one form of fundraising opportunity per year.  Each RERA team is required to participate.  Proceeds go to the team and the association.   Additional fundraising must be arranged by the team.

Roster – From the team roster you can do the following:

– Create a contact list for players, parents and coaches.

– Create a team website. There are many companies that offer free team websites and they are an excellent way to communicate the schedule and events with members of the team.

– Order name bars for the game jerseys (2 per player, home & away). Check spelling with players first.

– If there are any changes to coaching staff, the Registrar must be notified to update the Roster with the WRL.  All rosters are finalized by January 15th.


– Get team jerseys from the association or community club. A deposit cheque is usually required from players, post-dated to the end of the season.

– Along with the Coach, determine if any other equipment is required (ex: goalie equipment, rings, pylons.)

– Have a first aid kit available at practices and games and note any medical information you may need to be aware of (ex: allergies).

Winnipeg Ringette League (WRL)

– There will be a TownHall meeting before the season begins that the Manager or a Coach must attend. Please check the RERA calendar for date and time.  You will receive the game sheets at this meeting and you may also need to hand in completed forms such as the Bench Code of Conduct and Child Abuse Registry Check.

– On the WRL website, the Manager and Coaches will be given special access to manage the team information. Your coach must designate you as manager for you to be able to access this. Once this is done, you need to register on the website and sign-in.

– Each Loop has a Loop Convener who will contact the team prior to the season. This is your liason with the WRL.


– Provide the practice & game schedule to the team.

– Book practice ice or dryland training times if necessary.

– The game schedule will be posted on the WRL website around mid-October for the first half and mid-December for the second half.

Team Photos & Team Apparel

– These are two things that, if doing, you’ll want to arrange in the first half of the season.

Game Sheets

– The Manager completes the game sheets prior to games.

– The Home team provides the game sheet. (Tournaments provide their own game sheets.)

– The Game Number needs to be filled in and can be found on the WRL game schedule.

– Temporary Players must be identified on the game sheet with a “TP” beside their name.

– Goalies must be identified with a “G” beside their name.

– Players are to be listed in numerical order.

– Each team will receive a copy of the game sheet after the game. The winning team will also receive the original which must be sent to the Loop Convener after the game. The winning team also inputs scores on the WRL website. In case of a tie, the Home Team takes over the duties of the winning team.


– If the team is traveling, the Manager generally assists with travel arrangements such as acquiring group rates at hotels and securing a block of rooms for the families to book. Also, make transportation arrangements if necessary.

Year End

– Collect jerseys to return to the club or association and destroy the jersey deposit cheques.

– Communicate the team financial information to the team and return any remaining funds.