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Season ends

River East Ringette would like to update everyone with the latest decisions on the current ringette season.

Every day for the last several months we have been analyzing the impact of Covid-19 on our sport and season. With the most recent restrictions not allowing organized indoor sport until at least early March, we have decided to cancel the season and refund participants much of the fees paid.

Issuing refunds is a time consuming process, involving many calculations and transactions.  We again ask for your patience as we finalize the calculations to ensure appropriate refunds.   

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches, junior coaches and team volunteers for their time and efforts with our players this season. Without their dedication, we would not have been able to achieve the number of skates our members enjoyed prior to the lockdown and further activities thereafter. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we struggle through the uncertainty of this season. 

River East Ringette Board

Dreaming of Icetime…

As provincial COVID-19 restrictions continue, many are wondering where we are going with ringette this season. Winnipeg Ringette League has already cancelled their season, but there remains hope for some lifting of restrictions after February 12. While any game play cannot be expected immediately after, we continue to explore potential practice/skill opportunities if plausible.

Results from Ringette Manitoba’s Return to Ringette survey in December showed positivity towards continuing some means of ringette activities once allowed. Ringette association presidents have met numerous times to discuss any possibilities. Some associations are cancelling; some are hanging on.

For River East, we have some rinks that have decided to no longer maintain their indoor ice and others are contemplating the same. This means even when restrictions are lifted, there will be strong competition for remaining ice facilities. Your RERA board has not yet made a final decision.

Understandably so, we’ve had some inquiries on refunds for fees paid this year. We are going to wait until the February 12 provincial announcement before deciding on how the season will proceed and how to assess refunds. Funds for sunk costs such as Community Club fees and Ringette Manitoba (insurance) will be retained as well as ice times that have been used including tryout costs.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for further updates.

RERA Board

WRL Cancels 2020/21 Season

River East Ringette Association (“RERA”) is disappointed but understands the Winnipeg Ringette League’s (“WRL”) decision to cancel the 2020/21 league.

In light of WRL’s decision, RERA continues to be committed to provide a quality ringette program for the remaining 2020/2021 season in a manner that is safe and responsible to our members.  We have had discussions with Ringette Manitoba (“RMB”) and sport officials and are hopeful that we can still provide a ringette program for our members.  

There are a number of options still on the table, including an extended season, exhibition-style games or tournament playoffs, and practice and development sessions.  RERA is planning to work with other local associations with different approaches to the remaining season with the teams who are already formed and we are looking at all possibilities of return to play scenarios.

RERA will follow the restrictions that may be in place from the Manitoba government and public health.  Once RERA receives approval to reenter Return to Activity from the governing bodies – RMB and Sport Manitoba – we will return to the ice.  While we don’t know what the next few weeks hold, it is our intention to begin the Return to Activity program as soon as possible following the lifting of restrictions.

While we are hopeful that we can return to ringette, we are also mindful of the concerns of our members relating to the registration fees paid for the season.  Please know that RERA wants to make decisions about fees for the season in a fair and transparent manner. 

With the uncertainty of existing public health orders, RERA has been unable to make definitive decisions to date about what the future of the season will entail and what is a fair and reasonable associated cost for our members.  We have contractual obligations as an Association and we must ensure the financial sustainability of our organization. Once further decisions are made by the government, Ringette Manitoba and/or by our local facilities, RERA will make decisions accordingly.

Again, we remain hopeful that we can provide a quality ringette program for the remaining 2020/2021 season in a manner that is safe and responsible to our members.  We kindly ask for your continued patience and understanding as we work through this difficult situation.

COVID-19 – Return to Ringette

Ringette Manitoba is pleased to announce to its members that the Province of Manitoba has approved Phase 3 of the Return to Play (RTP) Plan – Version 1.   Includes: on-ice skill development (no checking), drills, team tactics, online clinics, limited regional travel (no carpooling)

Please see Ringette Manitoba website for details.

Thanks to outgoing long-time board members!

Many thanks to the years of dedication from outgoing long-time RERA Board Members:
Kevin Dyck, Pat Roberts, Dwayne Lanctot.

Their contributions have been invaluable in running RERA over the years. In Kevin’s case, his involvement has been exceptional, extending all the way from multi-year RERA president to a AA Board member.

It’s members like these that make ringette happen! Next time you run into Kevin, Pat, or Dwayne, make sure you give them an elbow bump and your thanks!

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